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Falk criticizes additional spending

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Issued By: County Executive
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Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk today released a report showing that the standing committees of the Dane County Board have added $1.386 million in spending to the proposed County budget.

The Board's Personnel and Finance Committee and the Executive Committee start their final review of the budget next week (week of Oct. 29), before sending it to the Board for final deliberation and vote.

Falk said: "This is far too much spending. Adding almost $1.4 million would lead to an increase of about 6.15% on property taxes. In particular, the addition of over $1.2 million to the Sheriff's budget is too much. The Sheriff received 32 additional deputies last year to improve his department. In return, he promised to keep spending within certain limits. The County Board should work with the Sheriff and me to keep those commitments, instead of increasing taxes for more positions and for lower priorities."
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