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Falk, Hamblin, Kesterson Announce Emergency No-Wake Zone on Squaw Bay on Lake Monona

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Sharyn Wisniewski (267-8823)
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Issued By: County Executive
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Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk, Dane County Board Chair Kevin Kesterson, and Dane County Sheriff Gary Hamblin today announced an emergency slow-no-wake zone on Squaw Bay on Lake Monona through sunset on Monday. The no-wake zone extends from the Winnequah Boating Landing south to the opposite shore.

County Board Supervisor Bill Graf and Squaw Bay residents were among those who requested this action.

County Executive Falk said: "As of this morning, Lake Monona water levels have risen 13 inches due to the heavy rainfall on Wednesday night and Thursday morning. Low-lying properties along Squaw Bay are at risk for shoreline erosion and damage to property that we are attempting to minimize with this order." Slow no-wake means the slowest speed at which a boat can move while maintaining steerage control.

Sheriff Gary Hamblin said that many boaters are expected to be out given the sunny weather forecast for the weekend, and he urged them to comply with the no-wake order. "The no-wake zone will be clearly marked by slow-no-wake buoys," he said.

County Board Chair Kevin Kesterson said: "We will continue to monitor conditions in Squaw Bay, and will extend this emergency designation if need be to protect shoreline property and piers from boat wake damage."
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