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Dane County Executive - Vetoes Unsewered Sub Division

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Issued By: County Executive
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In a move to protect farmland and provide for better planning, Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk today vetoed a rezoning petition for a residential development in the Town of Sun Prairie.

The petition would create a 36-unit unsewered residential subdivision, covering about 80 acres of land in a rural area designated for long-term agricultural protection. The property, owned by Alice Yelk, south of Highway 19 and East of Twin Lane Road, is more than a mile and a half from any comparable residential area.

The parcel has been farmed and has a mix of agricultural soil with other natural features such as wetlands and woods.

In her veto message, Falk pointed out that the Town of Sun Prairie is one of only two towns in Dane County with A1-Exclusive Agriculture Zoning but without a density standard. In the absence of some objective standard to limit the amount of development, Falk said there is no fair standard for denying other Town of Sun Prairie farmers the same opportunity to subdivide.

“Unfortunately, we cannot have subdivisions, no matter how well designed, scattered through the Agricultural Preservation Area of Sun Prairie without making that area much less viable for farming,” said Falk.

Falk did not veto a smaller, 14-unit subdivision in the Town of Sun Prairie. The development includes an 18-hole golf course which will serve as a buffer between rural Town of Sun Prairie and developing areas of Cottage Grove.

Falk approved a rural subdivision in the Town of Cottage Grove, which is part of the town’s Transfer of Development Rights Program to focus development away from prime agricultural areas to an area more appropriate for development.
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