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Issued By: County Executive
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Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk today announced that the county has prepared for each Town in Dane County a detailed, customized "Map Book" that will be useful to Towns as they make land use decisions.

"Towns will now have at their fingertips valuable information including tax parcel, zoning, soils, hydrography, wetlands, and land use data," said Falk. "The Map Book has been customized for each Town with colorful 11"x17" maps for use at meetings or when conferring with landowners," said Falk.

The maps are being distributed to every Town in the county. In addition, the data CD-ROM and entire map book in Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf), will be available to towns upon request.

The Map Book is easy to use with overlays that allow users to see, for instance, if a proposed subdivision sits on prime agricultural land, if a wetland is close by, or where the nearby streets and roads are located.

The map layers include: Parcels, Zoning, Contours, Hydric Soils, DNR Wetlands, Agricultural Land Evaluation, Soil Potential Ratings for Dwellings with Basements, Land Use, and Parks and Open Space.

"The Map Books will be very useful to Planning Commissions and Town Boards as they deal with land use issues," said Gerald Derr, President of the Dane County Towns Association, and Town of Bristol Chair. "They show the soils, the terrain, the water features and how these and other land features fit together. I am very impressed," said Derr.

The mapping project was proposed by County Executive Falk in Design Dane!. The County Board supported it, asked the Land Conservation Committee to review the outline of the work product, and supported Falk putting money in the county's 1999 budget to fund the project.

"The project began as an ambitious attempt to use our geographic information system to provide more efficient service to our customers and to provide useful information to communities as they make land use decisions," said County Executive Falk.

"Through the coordinated efforts of the Department of Planning and Development, the Land Information Office, and the Land Conservation Department, the result has been a resounding success," said Falk.

Maps are available for all 34 Towns in the county, including Albion, Berry, Black Earth, Blooming Grove, Blue Mounds, Bristol, Burke, Christiana, Cottage Grove, Cross Plains, Dane, Deerfield, Dunkirk, Dunn, Madison, Mazomanie, Medina, Middleton, Montrose, Oregon, Perry, Pleasant Springs, Primrose, Roxbury, Rutland, Springdale, Springfield, Sun Prairie, Vermont, Verona, Vienna, Westport, Windsor, and York.


NOTE: The maps will be available for viewing by the media on Monday,
March 5, from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. in the Dane County Executive's office,
Room 421, City County Building, 210 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.
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