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Dane County, Fitchburg Reach Agreement on County PD

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Issued By: County Executive
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Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk and Fitchburg Mayor Mark Vivian today (3/8/01) announced that they have reached a tentative agreement concerning Dane County and Fitchburg's dispute over County Highway PD. The agreement must now be approved by the Fitchburg City Council and the Dane County Board. The County and City had disagreed over payment for the recent improvements to a stretch of PD in Fitchburg and future maintenance of that highway.

Falk said: "Today's agreement is a fair compromise. It provides that the County will pay the appropriate share of the improvements' cost and that a timely and objective decision will be made about future maintenance of the road."

Key provisions of the agreement include:

Dane County will pay $430,350 as its share of the completed highway improvements.
Fitchburg agrees to an objective, neutral study of use of the highway to be conducted by July 1, 2005. If the study shows the traffic is primarily local, the City will accept responsibility for the highway. If the traffic is primarily regional, then the County will retain the responsibility.
The County's current policy on joint road projects with local governments will be submitted to the County Board as a resolution.
The agreement will be introduced at the County Board meeting on March 8th and will be voted on by the Board at a future meeting. It will be voted on by the Fitchburg City Council on Tuesday, March 13th.
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