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Dane County Legislative Lobbyist Named

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Sharyn Wisniewski (608) 267-8823


Issued By: County Executive
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Attached is a letter from Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk to the Chair and Members of the Dane County Board of Supervisors, informing them of the appointment of a new legislative lobbyist for Dane County:

March 28, 2001
TO: Kevin Kesterson, Chair, Dane County Board of Supervisors
Members, Dane County Board of Supervisors
FROM: Kathleen M. Falk, Dane County Executive
RE: Legislative Lobbyist

I have offered the position of Dane County Legislative Lobbyist on an LTE basis to Mickey Beil.

Mickey's resume is attached. For 12 years, she was a lobbyist for the Milwaukee Public School System. During that period of time, she has maintained a sterling reputation for her work. In the Legislature, she's known to be honest, accurate, persistent, and effective. She consistently works very well with members of both parties in both houses. She is used to lobbying on difficult issues and is well versed in many of the human service programs that are especially important in both the state and Dane County's budgets. Her work with MPS has also given her valuable experience in working with a board of elected officials on lobbying issues.

She is the lobbyist we need who will hit the ground running during the budget floor period.

Mickey's salary will be $35.00 per hour. Her LTE contract will begin as soon as possible (probably mid-April) and run for 22 weeks. This will enable Dane County to have a strong lobbying presence through all of the state's budget process, including the Governor's final decisions.

Currently a resident of Milwaukee, Mickey will move to Dane County as soon as she can.

We will open the recruitment for the Lobbyist's permanent position in late May or June so the position can be filled by the full floor period.

The Controller, Corporation Counsel and Personnel have indicated that this hiring decision should be approved by the Executive and Personnel and Finance Committees. I shall submit the paperwork for this decision in the near future.
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