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County-Wide Stormwater Management Ordinance Introduced to County Board

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Sue Jones at 267-0118


Issued By: County Executive
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Thirty-five members of the Dane County Board of Supervisors co-sponsored the introduction of a county-wide stormwater management ordinance last night. The Dane County Lakes and Watershed Commission developed the ordinance.

Commission Chair Shary Bisgard said, "This ordinance is a consensus recommendation of the Lakes and Watershed Commission, and is the result of 11 public hearings and hundreds of hours of meetings with citizens, technical experts, builders, county staff, local municipalities and other stakeholders."

"Cleaning up our lakes is important to everyone in Dane County. This stormwater runoff ordinance goes a long way in making that happen," said Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk. "The Commission and County staff did an excellent job in crafting the proposed ordinance."

The proposed ordinance is designed to help protect Dane County's lakes, streams and quality of life by reducing the negative impacts of rainfall, melting snow and other water runoff. The proposed ordinance establishes county-wide standards for the quantity and quality of water that runs off of urban and rural areas. It also provides flexibility for landowners in how they meet the standards. This is done in recognition of the unique characteristics of each project and every site.

Copies of the proposed ordinance are available by calling 266-4296, or from the Dane County Lakes and Watershed Commission web site, at
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