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New for 2004 -- Tenney Park Locks Permit

For more information contact:

Darren Marsh, 246-3894


Issued By: County Executive
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Starting Friday, April 30, when the the locks open for the year, a new Locks Permit will be required for all watercraft using the Tenney Park Locks. The Tenney Park Locks allows for the travel of boats and other watercraft between Lake Mendota and Lake Monona by way of the Yahara River. Lake Mendota’s normal water level is about five feet higher than Lake Monona.

Boaters will have the option to purchase a Daily Permit for $5.00 or the Annual Permit for $20.00. The new Locks Permit will provide funds to help offset the cost for hiring seasonal locks operators. Permits and additional information are available at the locks or through the Dane County Parks Office, 4318 Robertson Rd, Madison WI 53714, Phone (608) 246-3896.

(See attached schedule of locks hours.)
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