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Sheriff Hamblin, County Executive Falk, Local Officials Say Concealed Weapons Would Make People Less Safe in Dane County

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They call on Assembly to uphold Governor’s Veto of Concealed Carry bill.

Dane County Sheriff Gary Hamblin and Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk, joined by other local elected officials, today called on the Wisconsin Assembly to uphold Governor Doyle’s veto of a bill allowing people to carry concealed weapons in the state.

A vote in the Assembly is expected as early as tomorrow (January 27).

Speaking at a press conference, Falk said, “People going about their daily business, like shopping, deserve to be free of fear of a gun-toting person in a foul mood,” said Falk. “People carrying concealed weapons will make our shopping malls, parks, theatres and streets less safe.”

Sheriff Hamblin said, "The permit process contained in this concealed carry legislation will have an adverse impact on sheriff's offices across the state."

If the Assembly overrides the Governor’s veto, individuals will be able to obtain a permit to carry concealed weapons, defined as a handgun, a stun gun, a tear gas gun, a knife or a billy club, anywhere in the State except for those limited and particular places specified in the bill.

Some of the law enforcement and local government organizations opposing the bill to allow people to carry concealed weapons includes:

Association of State Prosecutors
Wisconsin Chiefs of Police Association, Inc.
Wisconsin County Police Association
Wisconsin District Attorney’s Association
Wisconsin Sheriff’s and Deputy Sheriff’s Association
Dane County Cities and Villages Association
League of Wisconsin Municipalities

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