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Dane County to Adopt Lake Level Management Guide

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Supervisor John Hendrick Dane County Board of Supervisors(446-4842)


Issued By: County Board Supervisors
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A resolution adopting the Lake Level Management Guide to oversee Dane County’s lake water levels was introduced to the County Board in conjunction with release of an external peer review of the Guide.


Dane County Government is responsible for managing the lake levels in Lakes Mendota, Monona, Waubesa, and Kegonsa.  Managing water levels can be complicated, taking into consideration sometimes conflicting community needs, and it demands a comprehensive strategy to protect our lakes and all their uses.


”We are balancing the needs of boating and recreation with preserving fisheries and wildlife, while preventing land erosion and flooding, and protecting property owner’s interests, “ said Supervisor Chuck Erickson, member of the Lakes and Watershed Commission.  “Adopting this Lake Level Management Guide will set a clear, comprehensive strategy for the county to follow when managing lake levels.”


The proposed resolution reinforces Dane County’s goal of maintaining water levels at or near the minimum limit set by the State’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR). 


The DNR prescribes a minimum and maximum water height for each of the lakes, but it is the county’s responsibility to meet these limits.  For the past decade, Dane County has experienced more intense rainfall events.  With the potential for more frequent and larger storm events to occur in the future, strategies for managing lake levels become more crucial.


“Managing our lake levels at the prescribed minimum level will protect our lakes from erosion and other impacts of excessive lake levels, including possible flooding.  Our lakeshore trees and buildings need to be protected from extreme weather events,” said Supervisor John Hendrick Vice Chair of the County Board.  “While it may not satisfy everyone, it is the responsible thing to do, to protect Dane County from excessive erosion and flooding.”


The Dane County Lake Level Management Guide can be found at:

The peer review memorandum on the guide is on the Dane County Board of Supervisors’ website at:

Committees of the County Board will consider the resolution in the coming weeks before full County Board action later in the summer.


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