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All Dane County AFSCME Bargaining Units Ratify 2010 Contract

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Joshua Wescott, Office of the County Executive (608) 267-8823 or cell (608) 669-5606


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County Executive Asks Fellow Elected Officials to Join Hundreds of County Employees and Take Temporary 3% Salary Cut 

On the heels of another successful ratification vote this week by American Federation of State, County, and Municipal bargaining units representing Dane County employees, County Executive Kathleen Falk today requested the county’s non-represented employees and elected officials also commit to a temporary 3% pay cut for 2010.

The contract ratified by all four Dane County AFSCME units includes 3% in salary cuts, a no lay-off pledge, and eight days off in 2010.  Four of those days will be employee choice while the other four – February 26th, April 2nd, September 17th, and October 22nd – will be days that most county services will be shut down.  Certain 24/7 county services will continue those days.

“Through these successful ratification votes, hundreds of county employees have recognized the great toll this national economic recession has taken and have said they want to be part of the solution,” County Executive Kathleen Falk said.  “I am most grateful for their shared sacrifice and I’m asking the rest of county government to join them.”

The request includes all elected officials paid for by county dollars including members of the County Board, and the Sheriff.

Falk noted she will take the 3% pay reduction in 2010, just as she joined the rest of county government in taking a temporary 5% salary cut the middle of this year.  She also has not accepted a 1% salary increase authorized by the County Board for 2009. 

The County Executive’s budget submitted to the County Board proposed $4.7-million in personnel savings for 2010.  These ratification votes account for more than half (54%) of that proposed total. 

Negotiations continue with the county’s five other bargaining unions – the Dane County Attorney’s Association (39 members), the Building and Construction Trades (17 members), nurses and health workers with District 1199 United Professionals for Quality Health Care (72 members), and the Dane County Deputy Sheriff’s Association and Sheriff’s Supervisors (combined 448 members). 


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