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County Sustainable Agriculture Subcommittee Will Develop An ‘Action Agenda’ This Summer

For more information contact:

Supervisor Kyle Richmond, 251-3171


Issued By: County Board Supervisors
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MADISON – A committee of the Dane County Board has established a Sustainable Agriculture Subcommittee which will develop an “action agenda” for approval by the Board this autumn. Interested individuals are being encouraged to participate in the three-month process.

In late April, the Environment, Agriculture and Natural Resources (EANR) Committee voted to create the new subcommittee, which will employ policy suggestions from work groups in the following areas:

- Beginning Farmers
- Farmland Preservation & Conservation
- Food Security & Urban Agriculture
- Profitability

Policy areas for the work groups were determined from input from public meetings in December and March, and an e-mail poll of interested parties. Volunteers are needed for the work groups.

“This is important work and some very capable people have agreed to help,” said Sup. Kyle Richmond, EANR Committee Chair. “With a specific charge and clear timeline, we intend for the subcommittee to produce policy recommendations that the Board and County Executive can wholeheartedly endorse this fall.”

The subcommittee will be co-chaired by Supervisor Duane Gau (Sun Prairie) and Margaret Krome of the Michael Fields Agricultural Institute.* Conveners for the four work groups also have been appointed; they are: Paul Dietmann (Wisconsin Farm Center), Beginning Farmers; Steve Hiniker (1000 Friends of Wisconsin), Farmland Preservation & Conservation; Anne Reynolds (UW Center for Cooperatives), Profitability; and Jane Voichick (Dane County Food Council), Food Security & Urban Agriculture. A seventh subcommittee member is yet to be named.

For more information about the Sustainable Agriculture Subcommittee or creation of the “action agenda,” contact the Dane Department of Land and Water Resources at (608) 224-3730, or Supervisor Richmond at 251-3171.


*organizational references for identification purposes only
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