County Clerk Request Form

Fill out the following form and press submit to request a public record from the Government of Dane County, Wisconsin. If you have any questions or concerns about Public Records, please use the contact form or call Daniel Lowndes at (608) 266-4134.

Requestor Information

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  • A request for access to any public record may be made orally or in writing during regular business hours (Monday - Friday, 7:45 am - 4:30 pm, exclusive of holidays) to County Offices. Requests should be directed to the Departmental Custodian of Records.
  • A request for access to a public record must reasonably describe the record sought and be reasonably limited as to the subject matter and/or length of time represented by the record.
  • A request may be denied if the particular record does not exist, is not on file, or is exempted by state law from the definition of "public record".
  • Dane County is not required to create a new record or list from existing records.

Record Information

Describe the records requested. The request must be reasonably specific as to subject matter and length of time involved. Include all information known to you such as, names, date(s), time, location, department, document name or number, etc. Continuing or ongoing requests are not allowed.


You may be required to pay certain fees such as the actual and necessary cost of reproducing the record and the actual and necessary cost of mailing or shipping the record.

In some instances it may be necessary to conduct a search to locate records. You will be charged a fee to search for records if the actual, necessary and direct cost of the search exceeds $50.00. This fee will apply regardless of whether the records are found.

You may be required to prepay any costs or fees if the total exceeds $5.00.

I authorize Dane County to collect and provide copies of the records I have requested, to the extent that they are subject to disclosure, as long as the fees associated with the request do not exceed:

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Availability of County Records

Many Dane County Records are available online at the Dane County website. Dane County is not required to provide access to records that are publicly available.