Dane County Criminal Justice Council to Unveil Details on Expansion of Community Restorative Court

January 31, 2017
County Board

Will join national effort aimed at improving the criminal justice system


The Dane County Criminal Justice Council will announce a major development regarding the expansion of the Community Restorative Court on Wednesday Feb. 1 in the lobby of the City County Building at 2 p.m.

The Community Restorative Court, with its mission “Repair Harm, Reduce Risk, and Rebuild the Community” uses restorative justice principles to divert young adults ages 17-25 from the traditional criminal justice system.  

The first CRC is in South Madison, and the Wednesday announcement will include details on expanding throughout all of Dane County.


WHO:                  Dane County Criminal Justice Council

                             County Board members

                             Community Restorative Court Advisory Board members


WHERE:              City-County Building

                             210 Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard

                             Main Entrance Lobby


WHEN:                2 P.M. on Wednesday, February 1st


Participation in the Community Restorative Court program provides young adults aged 17 to 25 who have committed a low-level offense the opportunity to work with community members to ensure accountability, determine restitution, and repair the harm done, without formal charges and entry into the traditional criminal justice system.  It also assists the offender with issues related to employment, healthy relationships, basic needs and other personal matters to prevent re-offending.  One key outcome of the CRC is to address racial disparities within the criminal justice system.

This Community Restorative Court is victim-based, offender focused, and community driven.

Media Contact: 

Karin Peterson Thurlow