County Board Chair Hendrick’s Comments on the 2014 Budget

November 18, 2013
County Board Chair John Hendrick, 608.446.4842
County Board

“The County Board has adopted a budget that embraces the future – increasing sustainability and decreasing racial disparities.  We will continue addressing homelessness, promoting public safety and cleaning up our lakes and streams.  And once again the county board finished its work in one session – this year totaling three hours.”

 “Millions of dollars of sustainability projects in this budget will allow us to reduce operating expenses, our use of fossil fuels, and the climate impact of greenhouse gas pollution.  We can save energy, save money and save the world.”

“I commend Sup. Stubbs, the County Executive and our partners in the criminal justice system for the initiatives to reduce racial disparities.  We must take action to live up to our values.”

“Building on the county board’s multiyear multimillion dollar initiative against homelessness, this budget provides a bridge to  the permanent day center that we hope to open in June 2014.  Both the Board and the Executive have also committed to housing and employment projects to address the root causes of homelessness.”

“I join with Sup. Sharon Corrigan, chair of our finance committee, in thanking the County Executive and his staff for their excellent cooperation throughout this process.  As always the staff of the county board and the department of administration provided us with everything necessary for orderly decision-making.”