October 31, 2009
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Sheriff's Office

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Madison, WI – At 7:03 p.m. Dane County deputies responded to an inmate of the Dane County Jail City – County Building attempting to commit suicide.

While viewing the camera monitoring system in the jail, a deputy witnessed an inmate putting a towel around his neck and attempt to strangle himself with it. The deputy and his partners immediately responded to the cellblock and prevented the attempt. He was alert and conscious when deputies arrived. Medical and Mental Health Staff also responded.

The inmate was taken to a local hospital for evaluation and returned to the jail. He was moved to an area of the Dane County Jail where he could be more closely monitored and was placed on suicide watch.

In 2008, the Dane County Jail added 71 cameras to the Dane County Jail-City-County Building along with updating the video monitoring system.  This system was instrumental in deputies being alerted to and preventing this suicide attempt.