Stay Off the Roads

February 02, 2011
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Emergency Management

 Stay Off the Roads

Currently Dane County has all available resources responding to address the snow and blowing snow conditions.  The Dane County 9-1-1 Center, county plows, Sheriff’s Office deputies, Wisconsin DNR wardens, and local fire departments are continuing to coordinate response to motorists stranded in the snow.  Many roads across Dane County are impassable.  While the number of calls has decreased, motorists still continue to be stranded.  Stay off the roads!  Travel is not recommended.

 The drifting snow can pose hazards to homes.  Blocked furnace and hot water heater vents can cause dangerous levels of carbon monoxide to build up in the home, make sure that all furnace and hot water heater vents around the house are clear of snow.  Many doorways have large snowdrifts in front of them; make sure you can exit you home in case of a fire. 

Heavy winds are expected throughout the morning.  This will cause drastic changes in road conditions.  Stay off the roads!  Travel is not recommended.

Temperatures are expected to drop Wednesday afternoon and go well below zero Wednesday evening.  The combination of drifting snow and low temperatures makes traveling extremely risky.

County Executive Kathleen Falk signed and declared a Declaration of a State of Emergency for Dane County.  Falk says “thanks to all the emergency responders who worked all night to keep people safe.”

The national weather service declared a Civil Danger Warning which is defined as “driving is extremely hazardous tonight on all roads in southern Wisconsin.  If you become stranded….emergency vehicles may not be able to reach you.” 

Do not pass snow plows!  Passing snow plows place both the snow plow operators and other drivers at risk.  Stay off the roads!  Travel is not recommended.

Click here for the latest forecast information from the National Weather Service.