Storms in Dane County

July 23, 2010
J. McLellan 267-2542
Emergency Management



There have been reports of sporadic storm damage and flooding across Dane County.  Many low-lying areas were inundated with water from storms last night causing temporary, localized flooding.  Sporadic power outages have been reported with the majority of electric service restored.  The National Weather Service indicated that nearly four (4) inches of rain fell yesterday and they are predicting up to three (3) more inches by 7:00am Saturday.  Dane County is currently under a flash flood watch until 10:00am Saturday. 


If residents have suffered storm and/or flood damage, they are requested to report this damage to their local municipality and document their damage.  One of the best forms of documenting damage is to take photographs or video.


With the ground saturated and more rain expected, please heed these safety considerations:


·         Drivers need to slow down.  Do not drive into standing water.  Just a few inches of water can hide many road problems and debris.  Debris can appear distorted or hidden by sand and water. 

·         Do not play in flood waters.  There may be dangerous debris and unknown chemicals in accumulated flood waters.

·         Saturated soils and severe weather can topple trees into power lines and across roadways.

·         Storm debris may be washed into and accumulate in roadways.

·         Severe weather may include high winds, lightning and hail.  Persons should stay inside during severe weather events.  If they must go outside, they should use extreme caution. 

As the evening approaches, visibility will decrease greatly!  The issues listed above will only be magnified by the lack of visibility.


Dane County Emergency Management is actively monitoring weather conditions approaching and in Dane County.  Please monitor your local broadcast media or internet site for current weather conditions.