Flood Damage in Dane County

August 19, 2007
J. McLellan 267-2542 mclellan@co.dane.wi.us
Emergency Management

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 8/19/07 Issuing Department: Emergency Management For more information contact: J. McLellan, Dept. of Emergency Management 608/267-2542 Dane County Flooding Reference #08/19/07-#1 Available at: www.co.dane.wi.us Flood Damage in Dane County Due to rains over the last 24 hours, there have been reports of flooding throughout Dane County. · As of 12:30 pm today, the Village of Dane reported eight (8) inches of water over Highway 113. · The Village of Oregon has had multiple reports of residential flooding and is supporting sand bagging operations. An American Red Cross – Badger Chapter damage assessment team is operating in the village. The Salvation Army is responding to support feeding of first responders. · The Village of Mazomanie is supporting sand bagging operations. · There is low-lying flooding in the Town of Windsor. · Many trees and other debris were blocking roads in southwestern Dane County. Dane County Highway has cleared many of the blocked roads with plans to remove the debris on Monday. · The main entrance to Token Creek Park is closed due to water over the road. · Many roads throughout Dane County have been covered or impacted by high water. Highway 19 near Portage Rd. and Hwy 69 near Sunset Rd. have been closed due to water over the road. County Executive Kathleen Falk and the Department of Emergency Management have been reaching out to local governments and monitoring the situation across Dane County. Kathleen Falk said, “The flooding situations further reinforce the need to stay vigilant regarding the safety of ourselves and our neighbors.” The National Weather Service gives the following advice regarding flooding: Flash floods can roll boulders, tear out trees, destroy buildings and bridges, and scour new channels, and trigger catastrophic mud slides. Debris can block flowing water under bridges and culverts. Know where to go if you are impacted by flooding! IF YOU COME UPON FLOOD WATERS, STOP! TURN AROUND AND TAKE ANOTHER ROUTE! NEVER DRIVE INTO FLOODED AREAS! Six (6) inches of fast-moving flood water can knock a person off their feet. Do not go near or play in flood waters. Two (2) feet of water can float a vehicle. If you are caught in flooding areas, go to higher ground! Be very cautious driving at night; visibility is greatly reduced and water on roads is difficult to gauge. To prepare, know your flood risk and elevation from water sources and low-lying areas. Keep your automobile fueled. Store clean drinking water and food that requires little cooking and refrigeration. Keep first aid supplies on hand. MONITOR LOCAL MEDIA FOR CURRENT WEATHER RELATED INFORMATION! If persons have flood related needs or damage, they should contact their local government. For further information about current conditions and flooding precautions, visit http://www.crh.noaa.gov/mkx/ and http://www.countyofdane.com/ems/flood/default.aspx. ###