December 07, 2005
County Clerk Bob Ohlsen (266-4121) County Board Chair Scott McDonell (266-5758) Tim Saterfield/County Board Office (267-1529)
County Board

Due the resignation of Supervisor Kevin Kesterson, there is a vacancy in the seat representing District 34 on the Dane County Board of Supervisors. The district includes the Village of McFarland and the Town of Dunn. The vacancy will be filled by an appointment to be made by the County Board Chair and confirmed by the County Board. Dane County Clerk Bob Ohlsen and County Board Chair Scott McDonell today announced the process that will be used to fill the vacancy. “Residents of District 34 who are interested in filling the vacancy should send a letter of interest to the County Board Chair, and then file a declaration of candidacy with the County Clerk’s Office,” Ohlsen said. “Then, interested persons must circulate nomination papers themselves and get signatures from at least 25 electors residing in the district, and file those papers with the County Clerk’s Office. The period for circulating papers will begin Friday December 1, 2005 and close Friday December 16, 2005 at 4:30 PM.” Declaration of candidacy forms and nominating papers are available in the County Clerk’s Office, Room 112 City County Building in Madison. Following the end of the period for circulating papers, the County Board Chair will conduct a public hearing in District 34, and persons interested in being appointed shall attend. “ At the hearing, applicants will be able to present their qualifications and allow me, the public and other supervisors to undestand their interest county government,” said McDonell. “There will be an opportunity for the public to speak and identify the issues that are important to the district. Following this hearing I will select the candidate that I feel will best serve the interests of the people of District 34 and submit an appointment to the Board for confirmation. I expect to make the appointment as soon as possible after the hearing, but no later than December 29, 2005.” The hearing will be held on December 20, 2005 at 7:00 p.m. in the Community Room of the McFarland Municipal Center, 5915 Milwaukee Street in downtown McFarland. Following the announcement of Chair McDonell’s appointment to fill the vacancy, the county board must confirm the appointment. It is anticipated that the board will act on the appointment at the County Board meeting on January 19th. # # #