August 19, 2008
Brett Hulsey (608-334-4994), Sue Jones (608-224-3764)
Land & Water Resources

Hearing set for August 21, 2008, 5:15 p.m. in City-County Building The Lakes and Watershed Commission public hearing on its draft 2009 budget recommendations will be held during the Commission’s August 21, 2008 meeting, at 5:15 p.m., in Room 309 of the City County Building, 210 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd in downtown Madison. State law requires the Dane County Lakes and Watershed Commission to review county departments’ water-resource-related budgets. The budget review process was designed to give the Commission and public a chance to advocate for water resource-related budget initiatives. The draft Commission recommendations include capital budget expenditures for wetlands restorations, lock upgrades, and the manure digester. Operating budget expenditure recommendations include more modeling, enforcement, and implementing the county’s stormwater rules. The draft recommendations can be reviewed at www.danewaters.com. Citizens can also submit written comments to the Lakes and Watershed Commission by sending a message to lakes@co.dane.wi.us. The deadline for electronic comments is noon on Thursday, August 21. Commission chair Brett Hulsey said, "To protect our lakes, streams, drinking water and better control lake levels, the Dane County Lakes and Watershed Commission believes that the county budget must include adequate funds and staff for effective conservation and environmental protection programs we need. We invite public comment before we complete our recommendations before they go to the County Executive and County Board." "As a lake user and president of the Yahara Lakes Association, I experience firsthand the need to do more to clean up our lakes, address flooding and protect our beaches. This bold plan addresses these issues by increasing investment in wetland restoration, flood hazard reduction and buffer strips,” said Doug Bach, chair of the Lakes and Watersheds Budget Subcommittee. After the public hearing, the Commission will refine its recommendations and forward them to County Executive Kathleen Falk by September 1 for consideration in her budget. Commission recommendations are also provided to the County Board for their use in budget deliberations. The County Executive’s budget is delivered to the County Board on or before October 1. The County Board and County Executive hold public hearings on the budget during September and October (final dates to be determined). The County Board acts on the budget after receipt from the County Executive, typically adopting a final budget before Thanksgiving. # # #