Precautionary Measures

August 23, 2007
J. McLellan 267-2542
Emergency Management

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 8/23/07 Issuing Department: Emergency Management For more information contact: J. McLellan, Dept. of Emergency Management 608/267-2542 Precautionary Measures Reference #082307-#1 Available at: Precautionary Measures Heavy rains have inundated Dane County. More rain is predicted. Areas, both affected and not, by rains earlier this week can expect to be impacted with more rain. Residents are warned to take precautions. With the ground saturated from past storms, further rain is expected to run off rather than be absorbed. Flooding conditions can be expected. With the combination of saturated soils, existing standing water, and more rain expected, there is an increased chance of flash flooding. Weather conditions are rapidly changing and can create severe flooding in just a matter of minutes. More rain, even small amounts, can have a greater impact due to the current saturated soil conditions. Lake and river levels are rising. All person around and near lakes, and rivers should prepare for flooding. Tie down or removed piers and ensure boats are properly tied to take the rise in water levels. For lakefront residents – if sandbagging, be sure to place sandbags back from the waterline five (5) – ten (10) feet if possible) so the shoreline can absorb some of the energy created by wave action. DANE COUNTY RESIDENTS SEEKING ASSISTANCE SHOULD CONTACT THEIR LOCAL UNIT OF GOVERNMENT. For City of Madison residents needing sand and sandbags, they are available at : · Hoboken Lift Station – 1800 Waunona Way · Spring Harbor Park – 5218 Lake Mendota Dr. · Warner Park Beach – 1201 Woodward Dr. · Tenney Park Beach – 1330 Sherman Ave. To contact the City of Madison Engineering Division, call 266-4430 during regular business hours or 266-4665 after hours. For Town of Dunn residents needing sand and sandbags, they are available at: · Goodland County Park · Christy’s Landing · Willow and Tower Road · Fish Camp County Park As more sand and sandbag distribution points open, call the Dane County United Way at 2-1-1 ( from cell phones – 246-HELP [4357} ). Persons are STRONGLY encouraged to stay out of flood waters, both standing and flowing. Flood waters contain unknown debris and distort road conditions that could cause serious injury. DO NOT LET CHILDREN PLAY IN FLOOD WATERS! Persons should report household storm damage to their local municipality. When reporting, include the date, extent of damage, and estimated cost of repair. ###