Dane County Parks Archery Hunt 2007-2008

August 15, 2007
Darren Marsh 224-3766 Parks Office 246-3896 http://www.countyofdane.com/lwrd/parks
Land & Water Resources

Dane County Parks 2007-2008 Archery Deer Hunt For Immediate Release Date: August 15, 2007 Contacts: Darren Marsh Supervisor Dave Ripp Tom Thoresen Dane County Parks Park Commission Park Commission (608) 246-3896 Home: (608) 849-7643 Home (608) 276-9446 Dane County’s Archery Program is being expanded this year to include county parklands countywide as part of the continuing county effort to assist the State in its fight to halt the fatal Chronic Wasting Disease in white-tailed deer, Dane County Parks Director Darren Marsh said today. “Since 2002, Dane County Parks has issued a limited number of Archery Access Permits to hunt deer within properties in western Dane County,” Marsh said. “In 2007, the program will expand to include 177 Archery Access Permits for approximately 3,500 acres of land. These hunts have occurred safely and offer a good hunting experience.” Archers are limited to one permit per year for one property. The fee for each permit is $10. The limited Archery Access Permits will be made available on a first come/first serve basis until they are gone. Sales will begin at 7:45 a.m. on September 4. Permits only are available through the Dane County Parks Office, Lyman F. Anderson Agriculture and Conservation Center, 1 Fen Oak Ct., Madison, 53718. The applicant must be present to receive a permit. No mail-in applications will be accepted. For information on the program and properties available, please contact Dane County Parks at (608) 246-3896, or check the County Park Web site at http://www.countyofdane.com/lwrd/parks/.