Severe Weather

June 13, 2022
J. McLellan, 608-219-9552
Emergency Management

Dane County is responding to storm damage across the county.  Dane County’s Department of Emergency Management is working with local governments to identify the amount and severity of damage from the storms. 


There are power outages across the county with the greatest concentration of outages in the Cities of Madison, Middleton, and Monona.  Utility crews are diligently working to restore power as quickly as possible.


Although several Dane County Sirens have lost power, they are still operable because they operate on batteries; the power only recharges the batteries.  When power is restored to the sirens, they may make some minor noises.  When the sirens are actually activated, they will sound at full volume and last for three minutes.


County Executive Joe Parisi is working to ensure County assistance is ready.  Joe said “I have been reaching out to Dane County Departments and other local leaders to ensure Dane County can support emergency needs created by these storms.  We remain ready to support our residents and first responder’s needs.”


Director of Emergency Management Charles A. Tubbs, Sr. wants to assure residents our warning system is ready.  “Dane County has invested in a warning system that works directly with the National Weather Service to provide immediate and direct emergency notifications to people in harm’s way.  If you received an emergency alert, seek shelter in a sturdy building and then look for more information about the situation.”


Dane County will continue to support emergency response efforts.