The Jail Consolidation Project Must Move Forward

October 20, 2021
Elise Schaffer, PIO, (608) 284-6142
Sheriff's Office

Dane County Sheriff Kalvin Barrett supports the budget amendment submitted by the Dane County Public Protection & Judiciary Committee that would move the Jail Consolidation Project forward. 

“I am committed to fulfilling the Jail Consolidation goals set forth for by the County Board and committees; delays and deviations from this plan continue to threaten the health and life safety of those living, working and volunteering in the CCB,” said Sheriff Kalvin Barrett.  

December, 2021, will mark the 5 year anniversary of the Dane County Jail Update Study (Health and Life Safety) findings that “Dane County should not consider extending the life of the CCB Jail, but should work towards getting out of the building with due haste.”