June 03, 2021
State Representative and County Board Supervisor Shelia Stubbs, (608) 345-6961
County Board

The Dane County Board of Supervisors will consider a resolution to recognize Juneteenth at tonight’s meeting.


Juneteenth recognizes the date that enslaved African Americans in Texas learned of their emancipation, almost two and a half years after the Emancipation Proclamation.


The resolution acknowledges that the impacts of slavery are still felt by many African Americans in the United States today. African Americans statistically lack equal access to educational, economic, and healthcare opportunities, along with disproportionate and sometimes life-threatening interactions with law enforcement and the criminal justice system.


This resolution also aims to recognize and celebrate African American culture. Additionally, this resolution provides the opportunity for the County Board to reflect on how they can better serve the community and create a more equitable future for all members of the community.


"It is important for us to recognize the African American experience every day, and continue to commit our efforts to creating a more fair and equitable future for all," said State Representative and County Board Supervisor Shelia Stubbs (District 23).


The Juneteenth flag was raised at the City-County Building on June 1 to mark the occasion. The Annual Celebration of Juneteenth will be held beginning on June 16th. Information about the events can be found here: http://kujichaguliamcsd.org/


A resolution approved in August 2021 established June 19th as a designated holiday for county employees for the first time since it was declared a Wisconsin State Holiday on December 1, 2009.


The Board meeting will take place virtually beginning a 7:00pm. Information for the public to attend and register to speak is available on the top of the agenda.