January 27, 2021
County Board Supervisor Elizabeth Doyle, (608) 616-0698
County Board

In an effort to increase awareness and knowledge of the public and public officials, Dane County’s Health and Human Needs Committee will hear monthly presentations on a variety of topics over the coming months.


The first presentation will take place on Thursday, January 28th at the Committee’s 5:30pm meeting. Members of the public are encouraged to attend, and can connect to the virtual meeting and register to speak by following the information at the top of the agenda.


"It’s important for the public to know the array of services Dane County provides as well as the complexities of our programs. Knowledge really is power, and I am hopeful these presentations can give a glimpse into the accomplishments the County has made as well as the challenges the County faces," said Health and Human Needs Committee Chair Elizabeth Doyle (District 1).


Thursday’s presentation will be from John Bauman, Juvenile Court Administrator, and Hugh Wing from the City of Madison. The presentation will include system initiatives underway including the Opportunity Youth Coalition and a discussion on focus areas and reporting input that was collected.


The next committee meeting with a focused presentation will be February 25th.