Wisconsin Urban Wood and Dane County Plant Trees Donated by Catalent Pharma Solutions

November 21, 2019
Kari Divine, Wisconsin Urban Wood
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Wisconsin Urban Wood and Dane County Plant Trees Donated by Catalent Pharma Solutions


MADISON, WI – November 21, 2019: Volunteers and representatives from Wisconsin Urban Wood, Dane County Parks and Catalent Pharma Solutions recently planted 250 trees at the Prairie Moraine County Park in Verona, Wisconsin.


Wisconsin Urban Wood received a $10,000 donation from Catalent’s Corporate Responsibility Grants Committee to plant the trees in an effort to help offset the environmental impact of eliminating 250 trees during Catalent’s recent site expansion. Wisconsin Urban Wood worked with Dane County Forester Specialist Adam Alves to coordinate the planting.  Mr. Alves and his staff will maintain the planting as it grows into a producing orchard.


Wisconsin Urban Wood (WUW) is an organization committed to the social economic and ecological benefits of urban trees. WUW’s motto is Trees First, Wood Next.  WUW members like Dane County share the understanding that trees are most beneficial to communities when those trees are growing healthy and strong, but when urban trees must be removed due to circumstance, WUW’s goal is to find the highest use for the removed wood. WUW consists of a partnership of municipalities, arborists, sawyers, kiln operators, makers, artisans, retailers, architects, organizations and advocates who work toward this goal.


Wisconsin Urban Wood is committed to the social, economic, and ecological benefits of urban trees.  Partners share a distinct understanding that trees are most beneficial to communities when those trees are growing, healthy and strong. When urban trees have to be removed due to disease, pests or circumstance, our goal is to find those uses that best benefit our local communities.  We connect those trees with local processors and woodworkers so the trees can be used for their highest and best uses in lumber, flooring, furniture, art, architecture, and a variety of goods made from wood. 


Repurposing urban trees after they are removed changes the way industry sees its supply chain. People who manage urban forests and those that use wood in their projects are finding opportunities to connect and partner toward building new urban forest product markets, building stronger relationships between clients, consumers and communities in the process. Wisconsin Urban Wood is working to build common understanding, language, commitment and consumer confidence in an urban wood brand shared by our membership. We are poised to help individuals and businesses looking to expand their operation or start a new business dedicated to urban wood.


WUW is a Wisconsin DNR Green Tier Charter Member.  The WDNR Green Tier program is a free, voluntary program which helps businesses achieve superior environmental performance through environmental management systems. Wisconsin Urban Wood is the flagship member of the Urban Wood Network which serves local urban wood associations and individual members throughout the United States and beyond. 


If you would like more information about this topic, please contact:

  • Don Peterson, Wisconsin Urban Wood. (608) 622-7212

  • Adam Alves, Forester Specialist, Dane County. (608) 220-7512

  • Shannon Trilli, Catalent Pharma Solutions.  (608) 821-6242

  • URL: WisconsinUrbanWood.org