Be Cautious of Farm Equipment

November 20, 2019
Elise Schaffer, PIO, (608) 284-6142
Sheriff's Office

An unusually short fall season has made harvesting crops particularly challenging for local farmers.  The Dane County Sheriff’s Office is asking motorists who travel rural roads to be aware of equipment around farm fields that may hinder traffic.

Farm fields are extremely wet, forcing farmers to park trucks and other equipment on the side of the road, rather than in the fields. Motorists are asked to drive with caution and be patient when encountering equipment that may be partially blocking a lane or moving slowly.  Avoid distractions and be mindful of speed limits.  Be aware that many farmers have to work during hours of darkness to harvest their crops.

Farmers are asked to be diligent about utilizing lights, flashers and/or reflective tape to increase their visibility.  Safety should be top priority for everyone on the road.