Let Your Imagination Take Flight: Airport Launches Free Short Story Dispenser

October 22, 2019
Brent S. Kyzer-McHenry, 608-443-6096

MADISON, WI – What do you usually do while waiting in an airport? Browse social media?  Work on your computer? What if there was a free way to experience the stories of thousands of artists from all over the world?  The Short Story Dispenser features thousands of different stories, from famous authors like Charles Dickens and Edgar Allan Poe, to local residents who can submit stories online.

“The Short Story Dispenser will allow those traveling through the Dane County Regional Airport to connect with stories from independent authors and unwind before taking off on their flight. We look forward to having passengers use the story dispenser and hope they enjoy this unique feature at our airport,” said Dane County Executive Joe Parisi.

The Dane County Airport is the first airport in the country to purchase a Short Story Dispenser. MSN purchased the Short Story Dispenser to connect the local community with a simple way to experience literature in an age that is overwhelmed by the Internet and social media. Reading print has become somewhat of a luxury, and Short Edition aims to bring a new twist to enjoying literature. 

“I think it is easy for people to get distracted by life on their phone, especially when waiting for their airplane to leave. We hope this can brighten the life of our passengers and have them leave the airport with a smile on their face and an experience to share,” Kim Jones, Airport Director.

The Short Story Dispenser features the options of 1 minute, 3 minute, or children’s stories to enjoy as you wait for your flight. The story is printed on an eco-friendly scroll that uses no ink and no cartridge. The Dispenser encourages interaction with others, as once you are enchanted by a story, it is hard not to talk about it with others!  You can share the stories with friends or even fellow passengers.

The airport is also partnering with the Dane County Library Service to create a ‘Free Little Library’ within the airport to support reading in the community and interaction between passengers.

“There is nothing like a story to get people talking, and the Short Story Dispenser provides a terrific way for people to connect over stories – something people have been doing for literally thousands of years,” Tracy Herold, Dane County Library Service Director.

Short Edition has now dispensed more than 4.5 million short stories written by 10,000 independent authors. The company even has an online community of 310,000 readers who have signed up to receive more original content, with already 30 million short stories accessed via the Short Edition website. Learn more and submit your own work on their website: https://short-edition.com/en/

With non-stop services to 19 cities and access nearly every worldwide destination, the Dane County Regional Airport provides seamless, low-stress, and affordable options for both leisure and business travelers with more than 110 daily arrivals and departures.